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8 things you should do in Ladakh trip when you are limited by Budget

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Last Updated on 02/11/2019 by Deepak Singla

In the awe-inspiring cold desert, Ladakh trip is undoubtedly on every person’s travel bucket list. High mountain peaks, chilling winds, glaciers, massive lakes, and unique culture is what drives people towards this beautiful land. Far away from the hotch-potch of the cities, Ladakh will give you the break you need in the calm. Tryout available Zoom Car Coupons to get best tour plan at very affordable rates.

If you are planning to Ladakh trip, these are the few things you should do and make the journey a wholesome entertaining and rememberable.

What about having Maggi at the highest cafeteria in the world

Ladakh has a Maggi point at the highest cafeteria in the world. At Khardung La Pass between the mountain ranges all over, you will enjoy every bit of your eating. You might have had Maggi everywhere, but far from the chaos in the ere silence, you will savor it.

Take a break and watch Chhams performed by Llamas in ladakh trip

While visiting this wonderful place Ladakh, watching Llamas performing the Chhams is one should never miss. The vibrant colors all over will keep you rooted to the place and attract you more to Ladakh’s land. From the drama, the clothes, and masks, it all looks very festive. For this, you have to attend the Hemis Festival or the Ladakh Festival and see these mesmerizing performances.

Visit Hemis National Park and spot a Snow Leopard 

hemis-national-park in ladakh

Image Credit: lehladakhindia.com

There are not many places in the world where you can see the Snow Leopard and Hemi National Park is one of those places which will give you the privilege to spot them. Home to more than 200 snow leopards, Hemi National Park must be on your go-list while visiting Ladakh. Spotting this beautiful cat family nemesis will give you an enthralling experience that you can remember for the lifetime. You can make your complete tour booking with the assistance of a very professional team where you can also choose to get your unique Oyo Rooms Offers to find best rates of whole package deals.

Safari on the Bactrial Camels at Hunder

Taking a ride on the double-humped camels in the sand dunes of Hunder must be on the list of your “dos” while visiting the Ladakh trip. The double-humped camels, Bactrial Camel will give you a ride in the Nubra valley and enjoy the scenic beauty while sitting on one of the two surviving camel species.

Go for early morning prayer in Hemis Monastery

Don’t just stay in hotels while in Ladakh trip, try to stay in Hemis Monastery overnight and attend early morning prayers. Situated in the Drukpa Lineage in Hemis, this monastery was built before the 11th century and then was rebuilt in 1672. Just imagine the historical connection and the spiritual connection, this monastery has. In Hemis Monastery, check out the scriptures in the museum, pay homage to Lord Buddha and Guru Rimpoche. You can also enjoy the Chhams Dance if you are at the time of the Hemis Festival. But, early morning prayers are a must!

Enjoy Chang with a local

If you had a tiring day visiting the beautiful places in Ladakh, you can try out Chhang in the night with the local people. Chhang is Ladakh’s local brew made by fermenting miller in cylindrically shaped porcelain. While having it with localites, listen to the Chhang story and its curse which will blow your mind for sure. From Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh, Chhang ks everywhere and is the “Beer of the Himalayas”.

Try out Yak cheese and its Momos

You can see many Yaks in Ladakh and people takes milk out of it and sometimes meat from that wish-granting animal. So, if you are in Ladakh, try out Yak’s cheese made from the milk of Yak. You can try it in its local form or in the form of Yak Cheese Momos. Known as Chhurpi, this is one thing you must try out and flaunt in front of urban people after coming back.

Drive to Khradung La Pass

bike riding in ladakh

If you are a bike lover and want crazy adventurous bike rides in your life then don’t miss out on the biking experience in the narrow terrains of Ladakh. The silent roads with the only roar of your engine on the road will not only make the experience thrilling but also mesmerizing viewings will make you feel like some adventurous junky. Take a drive to the Khardung La Pass which is situated at an altitude of 5,602m and is considered one of the highest motorable passes in the world