Different Types of Company Registration in India

India is rapidly becoming a start-up capital of the world. With such a massive population, there are immense business opportunities. Every year hundreds of entrepreneurs launch their Businesses to utilize these opportunities. So if you have a great idea and you are planning to start a Business in India, now is a perfect time. But […]

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keep your key staff in the new normal

How you can keep your key staff in the ‘new normal’ in 2021

Well, the future is here – and it arrived a little sooner than we planned. The current crisis has meant that the gradual move towards people working remotely and communicating and collaborating using digital platforms and tools has been accelerated and has become the ‘new normal’. No more 9 to 5 The truth is many […]

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tips to manage your business finance

How to Manage your New Business Finances in 2021

Every business, small or big, should take financial management seriously. Financial management, however, is much more than just bookkeeping and balancing the checking account of your business, contrary to what most business owners think. Entrepreneurs like you should consider their finances for many different purposes; from preparation to survive in bad times to climbing up […]

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Benefits of E-invoicing

Benefits of E-invoicing for Your Business & How to Generate an E-Invoice?

If you’re doing business in 2020, you should start transitioning towards a more digitized approach. That includes your invoicing. It’s time you learn about e-invoicing and all the benefits that it provides. What is E-Invoicing? Electronic invoicing or e-invoicing is transferring, receiving, and processing digital transactional documents between consumer and supplier, and seller. Genuine invoicing […]

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Ways to Reduce Stress in the workplace

11 Ways to Reduce Stress in the workplace for More Productivity

Workplace stress has been a major problem for every employee at every company. It is very natural to feel stressed at a workplace due to the workload, the never-ending targets, pressure of meeting deadlines, and lack of job security. In some cases, personnel problems gang up and overwhelm the employees! Long exposure to stressors can […]

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