How to delete Mac Adware Cleaner on Mac OS X and MacOS


Last Updated on 21/02/2019 by Deepak Singla

Like windows you can also find potentially unwanted programs for MACs. These programs are sometimes legal but then too they are not required for your mac. Such programs unnecessary occupy space on your hard drive and sometimes when they get corrupted they start showing you some error messages as they are unwanted programs you have nothing to do with these error messages, but they keep annoying you. Mac adware cleaner is one of such programs.

If on your Mac you are continuously find bogus messages which keep popping up on the screen and saying, “To remove adware click here” and when you will click on the message it asks you to download a tool called Mac Adware cleaner.

These pop up are the result of a program installed on your Mac and probably the program is Advanced Mac cleaner. So, if you will be able to uninstall the program then everything will be alright. But before that you should remember that you should not click on the pop up. Here is how you can search and remove this unwanted program and its traces from your Mac.

1. Strat with the activity monitor which can help you to close the utilities and programs running in the background. To launch activity monitor, click on Go given in the apple menu.

2. Go to Utilities in the Go menu. Along with the other applications installed on your Mac You will also find activity monitor here open it.

How to delete Mac Adware Cleaner on Mac OS3. Activity monitor is similar to the task manager on windows computer where you find all the programs and the processes running on your computer with the resource usage and the memory consumption. On the activity monitor of your Mac you will see all the programs and applications currently running.

How to delete Mac Adware Cleaner on Mac OS4. Choose Mac adware cleaner or any suspected program. Here You may also find some programs about which you do not have any idea. You can directly force quit all such programs.

5. Once you are force quit from all the unwanted applications. Now you can easily move these applications to trash. You can do this by going to Go Menu and then to Applications.

6. In applications look for the items you have just force quit from the Activity monitor.

7. Right click on unwanted programs and select Move to Trash.

8. Next you need to remove application from Login items for this Click on the apple menu and then go to System preferences.

9. Now search for login items. Choose unwanted programs and the select –(minus) button.

Now unwanted programs have been removed from your Mac. Next you need to clear browsers to completely remove traces of this Unwanted program from your Mac. So here is how you can reset safari browser.

1. Go to Safari. Go to the menu given at the top and click on safari.

2. You will find an option to Rest safari click on it.

3. If you don’t find an option to reset then go to preferences of safari and clear unwanted extensions.

Using a third-party software:

If manually clearing all unwanted programs are resetting looks a little lengthy process then you can also find an efficient third-party software to do the things quickly and effectively. There are number of third party tools for Mac which can remove unwanted programs and can clean your browsers in just few clicks. Along with this this software are also capable to provide you an effective protection from security threats. Because of emerging cyber crime these days no computer can be considered as 100% secure.

Mac and Mac books are in the top list of cyber criminals because these machines are more expensive in comparison of Normal desktops and laptops and the people who own them can pay heavy ransom amount. So, it is a good idea to get a protection software for your mac because it may solve multiple purposes such as. Internet security, parental control etc.

That’s it, this is how you can successfully get rid of Mac adware cleaner. To avoid such issues in future you can take following preventive measures.

1. Do not get carried away with the fake security warning when you go online.

2. Do not get attracted towards free software and security software they are less useful and most of them are potentially unwanted programs.

3. Whenever you run set up for a new program you should carefully check what all features or addons it is installing on your computer. Sometimes a program includes a bundle of many such applications which are not required for you.

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