How to start a insurance firm in india

How to Start an Insurance Brokerage Firm in India?

Ever since 2003, plenty of insurance brokers have entered the insurance industry in India and pushed it to great heights. The insurance business sector has always been highly profitable and risk free. Here are some statistics proving the same:  The gross insurance premiums collected in the FY 2019 summed at a whopping INR 962.05 billion, […]

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mobile phone insurance

Mobile Insurance: How to apply for Best Mobile insurance

It goes without saying that the current generation is addicted to their phones. Everybody wants to use and flash the best smartphone models. The craze of smartphones has reached a level where people might not be able to deal with the loss of their phones. High-tech models with the best of facilities and features come […]

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bike insurance provider in india

Tata AIG vs Royal Sundaram: Which is Best Bike Insurance Providers in India

With several two-wheeler insurance companies operating in the market, choosing the best bike insurance policy that meets your requirement becomes a herculean task. And, many just to avoid confusion prefer to continue with the previous insurer or depend on the wisdom of other people. With easily available information on the insurer’s website and comparison websites, […]

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maternity insurance plans in india

5 Best Maternity Insurance Plans with No Waiting Period 2020

Pregnancy is a special part of every mother’s life. Imagine having to stress over finances during this period! This is the time where you need to be taken care of in the best way possible. And to ensure the same, health insurance companies in India provide you with the best maternity insurance plans. Some individual […]

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best health insurance plans for senior citizens 2020

Top 5 Health Insurance Plans for Senior Citizens in India 2020

In the current times, healthcare is one of the most necessary yet highly expensive requirements. Health insurance for senior citizens is all the more important since they are much likely to fall sick. Moreover, it might not be possible for everybody to comfortably pay their medical expenses. Hence, the best insurance companies in India have […]

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waiting period in health insurance

Waiting Period in Health Insurance: All You Need to Know

A lot of individuals are first-time buyers of health insurance policy and don’t understand the concept of waiting periods properly. If you don’t quite know what the waiting period in a health insurance policy means, then you have landed at the right place.  You might have plenty of questions about the same such as what […]

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top 10 bike insurance companies in india

10 Best Two Wheeler Insurance Companies in India 2020

Two-Wheeler vehicles make our daily commute easier and more convenient. However, we must not forget that the busy Indian streets could be highly dangerous. If your vehicle suffers from some damage in an accident, then expenses of repair it might cut a hole in your pocket. So, purchasing a two wheeler insurance policy becomes all […]

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buy two wheeler insurance online

Two Wheeler Insurance: Buy Bike Insurance Online in India 2020

Two Wheeler insurance is a type of vehicle insurance that covers any accidental damage caused to your vehicle. The damage could be caused due to accidents, theft, burglary, natural disasters, or man-made calamities, and so on. Buying bike insurance is a must because it will cover for any third-party liability arising due to the accident. […]

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buy car insurance policy online

Car Insurance in India: Buy, Renew Four Wheeler Insurance Online

A decade ago, people would have been pretty doubtful about buying car insurance online. However, with the entire world going digital, we must adapt to the same. The world has changed drastically and today almost all insurers provide the facility of online car insurance policies. A lot of people might still cling to the old […]

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