health insurance sector

Insurance Sector Growing Faster than the Indian economy

Insurance sector contributes its fair share to the Indian economy. As insurance sector grows, our economy also grows exponentially. The bridge of growth has become wider now. The insurance sector is growing faster than the Indian economy. It means that more people are buying health insurance policies thanks to the increased insurance awareness.  A health […]

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senior Citizen health insurance

What Is Health Insurance for Senior Citizens and Why Should You Get It?

Senior citizens above the age of 60 might be more susceptible to health risks than ever. That is why buying potential health insurance is significant to ensure good health and proper treatment without any financial worries.  Health insurance for senior citizens is thus a medical insurance policy that provides cashless hospitalization cover, takes care of […]

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affordable health insurance

Medical Insurance: Why it is Most Important Investment of 2021?

Adversities come without knocking; the biggest example of this is the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, irrespective of your current health status, it is important to stay covered under a medical insurance plan to keep your health and finances safe. Once you catch hold of any critical disease, you might have to spend all your savings on […]

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Medicare policy eligibility

What is Medicare? Types, Eligibility & Late Enrollment Penalties

Medicare comes with many advantages. But, with its number of components, a Medicare policy can become more confusing for some. There are even individuals who aren’t aware that if they reach a certain age or disability criteria, their eligibility for Medicare automatically applies to some of its parts. This is an ongoing issue for many […]

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