debt funds

Debt Mutual Funds: Meaning, types, return, best debt funds India

Debt funds are the open-ended mutual fund plans that generally invest in fixed-income securities. These are generally preferred by people who do not want to invest in a highly volatile market and want some certainty with their returns. Companies or entities promise a steady and regular interest rate when they issue debt instruments. In simple […]

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liquid funds

Liquid Funds: Best Performing liquid mutual funds in India 2020

Liquid funds are a type of short-term mutual funds that invest in debt securities. These provide several benefits but the most noticeable one is that they offer high liquidity. This means that liquid funds can be redeemed easily. In fact, you can redeem it after one day of buying. The maximum maturity period of this […]

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best tax saving elss funds

Best Tax saving Mutual Funds: Best ELSS Mutual funds in 2020

Did your tax-saving plan get jeopardized due to the current pandemic? Don’t worry! You can still invest in some tax-saving Mutual Funds, i.e. the ELSS funds until the 31st of July and claim your tax deductions for the last fiscal year. People keep looking for investment instruments to grow their wealth and also save on […]

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best index funds in india 2020

Best Index Funds in India 2020: Benefits & How to Invest in Index Funds

What are Index Funds? Index fund is a specialized type of mutual fund which replicates certain indices like Nifty (NSE 50 Index) and Sensex (BSE Sensitive Index). The portfolio of an Index fund is built up by tracking standard market indices. Index funds follow indices’ performance passively, unlike actively managed funds. So, they also go […]

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