Pensions and Retirement Funds

6 Things You Should Know About Pensions and Retirement Funds

Leading a financially secure and independent life after retirement is something almost everyone hopes for. However, with the ever-rising rate of inflation, maintaining a comfortable standard of living is something that may seem challenging for many. Even with enough savings, you’ll need a regular source of income to meet your needs, especially in the absence […]

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best index funds in india 2020

Best Index Funds in India 2020: Benefits & How to Invest in Index Funds

What are Index Funds? Index fund is a specialized type of mutual fund which replicates certain indices like Nifty (NSE 50 Index) and Sensex (BSE Sensitive Index). The portfolio of an Index fund is built up by tracking standard market indices. Index funds follow indices’ performance passively, unlike actively managed funds. So, they also go […]

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mutual funds in india

Mutual Funds: Type & Best Mutual Funds to Invest in India 2020

Mutual Funds are one of the most popular investment options we have out there. These are one of the best investment tools to grow your wealth with low risk. Besides, you don’t have to worry much after investing in mutual funds since these are managed by fund managers who are financial professionals responsible to manage […]

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