iphone never beats android

Why iPhone can never beats Android


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If you are an all-time fan of iPhone devices, this post may be little bit hurting for you. It’s all about Android, which is running in more than 85% of all the smartphones on the earth. Now why this post may be a bit hurting? Well, it mentions the 10 best things that Android has and Apple still doesn’t; even being the securest, elite, and the close-source OS.

Android delivers the true value for money

You can buy Android smartphone mobility for as low as $80. Yes, in many Asian countries, companies are selling low-cost smartphones which have sufficient features. These smartphones can play games and surf the web and can even stream videos.

They have moderate quality camera and can support video-calling, too. These are able to access the 4G internet and have enough storage with the capability of supporting extendable memory.

On the other hand, you will have to spend at least $349 if you want to buy an iPhone SE and use the smartphone mobility. Still, after spending such a huge amount, you are not free to share your files with any smartphones or download whatever you want.

Apple continues to brand its iPhones as an ornament that is supposed to be expensive but, why the company has not understood that the smartphone mobility is no more an elite thing now. Smartphones are as equal as other information & entertainment sources like TV, newspapers and FM radios.

They are not too expensive. And, in spite of buying an expensive TV set or FM radio, the information provided will as similar as provided by cheapest ones. This is where Apple is not compromising and would probably never be as big as the Android. Also, Apple’s iOS powered smartphones are not delivering the true value of money as Android powered smartphone do.

A better file system

You can easily add more memory to your Android devices. With the use of a USB cable, you can use any PC to better manage your devices and putting media on storages. You can access the both, the internal and external storages, from both, through a phone itself or through a PC. Also, you can use several different file managers to have better control on your devices.

But, with iPhones, this is just not the case. There is no easy road to do that. You have to install and setup iTunes but even after doing this, you can only transfer media.


Although Apple offers some sort of customizations but never like what Google allows for Android devices. With an Android device, you can change a variety of things; from UI to icon, to skins, to fonts, to widgets and so on.

The Apple iOS’ UI comes locked which means user cannot customize their devices and will only see what the company wants them to see. Fairly disappointing because even after spending hundreds of dollars, you do not have absolute control over a thing you own.

External storage support

Most of the users buy an iPhone with keeping their present and future storages requirements in mind. But, you just do not need to think anything like this if you are buying an Android. Android provides support to microSD cards which means you can add highest memory MicroSD card to your devices supporting.

Many login options

Apple offers limited device login options. In devices like 5S, 6, 6S, 7 and 8, the company offered fingerprint recognition as an additional login option, but now in iPhone X, the company has removed fingerprint sensor and introduced facial recognition system.

Although the innovation is good, it can still cause inconvenience in several instances. On the other hand, Android offers multiple ways to unlock a device such as password-pin, pattern lock, fingerprint sensor, facial recognition, etc. So in case something is not working, there is always another way to login devices.

True multitasking

Android allows users to run two apps simultaneously, but you cannot do that in iPhone. Only iPads let you do that. Also, Android allows you to run split screen feature, which is really appealing on big screen devices.

Several choices

You are always tied to the single make of devices if you are using an iPhone, but if you are using an Android, you have multiple choices. From Samsung to LG, to HTC, to Asus, to Xiaomi, to ZTE to Google itself, and several others local, all are selling Android powered smartphones. You can choose a device as per the requirements of a particular processor, storage capacity, type of display, hardware, sensors, feature, and function.

Custom ROMs

Android device users enjoy the liberty of customizing their devices with using custom ROMs. A Custom ROM can completely change your device’s look and feel, but this feature is not available in iPhone devices. Sorry iPhone users.

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