multilingual SEO

Multilingual SEO: How SEO Work in Other Languages?

Since English is the most common language used on the web, it’s easy to think that it’s the only language that SEO techniques work for. However, multilingual SEO is becoming increasingly important as more and more major search engines map the web in every language that people use. This technique relies on the ability of […]

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best manufacturing business ideas

31 Best Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

Small and medium scale manufacturing business ideas are the best in India for start-ups as most of them require low investment and are easy to start, grow and maintain. Businesses are of different types out of which the manufacturing businesses are the ones that involve the production of goods and commodities useful to the society. […]

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marketing strategies

Startups and Online Promotion – 5 Free Marketing Strategies

Startup owners need to be extremely cautious with their money if they want to survive their first year. This is the most sensitive period for every small business because the assets are limited, and the experience is still insufficient. The earnings that you make in this initial period should be put aside for your future […]

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