Best Geek Gift Ideas for him or her

Best Geek Gift Ideas for him or her in Every Budget on Christmas

The official dictionary definition of a Geek as “someone intelligent but not fashionable or popular”, is unfair since geeks are simply people who are experts or enthusiasts obsessed with a hobby or intellectual pursuit, and is a term often used self-referentially as a source of pride. Here are some of the coolest things that geeks […]

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bike insurance provider in india

Tata AIG vs Royal Sundaram: Which is Best Bike Insurance Providers in India

With several two-wheeler insurance companies operating in the market, choosing the best bike insurance policy that meets your requirement becomes a herculean task. And, many just to avoid confusion prefer to continue with the previous insurer or depend on the wisdom of other people. With easily available information on the insurer’s website and comparison websites, […]

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sold out old broken jewelry for cash to invest

Sold Old, Broken Jewelry for Cash Requirement or Investment

Many Americans have gotten creative in the face of job layoffs, adding new ways to make ends meet to their daily life. With Covid-19 continuing to force layoffs throughout the country, some people are turning to their assets to get through tough times (even if those assets are old and broken pieces of jewelry from […]

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maternity insurance plans in india

5 Best Maternity Insurance Plans with No Waiting Period 2020

Pregnancy is a special part of every mother’s life. Imagine having to stress over finances during this period! This is the time where you need to be taken care of in the best way possible. And to ensure the same, health insurance companies in India provide you with the best maternity insurance plans. Some individual […]

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Pensions and Retirement Funds

6 Things You Should Know About Pensions and Retirement Funds

Leading a financially secure and independent life after retirement is something almost everyone hopes for. However, with the ever-rising rate of inflation, maintaining a comfortable standard of living is something that may seem challenging for many. Even with enough savings, you’ll need a regular source of income to meet your needs, especially in the absence […]

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Best Credit Card For Movies Tickets

11 Best Credit Card for Movie Tickets or Entertainment in India 2020

Our generation is filled with movie buffs and enthusiasts. People rush to the movie theatres every time a new Hollywood or Bollywood movie is released. You get the idea, right? Young folks spend a lot of money on movies. Lately, the prices of movies have been rising, and it becomes quite difficult for people to […]

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best health insurance plans for senior citizens 2020

Top 5 Health Insurance Plans for Senior Citizens in India 2020

In the current times, healthcare is one of the most necessary yet highly expensive requirements. Health insurance for senior citizens is all the more important since they are much likely to fall sick. Moreover, it might not be possible for everybody to comfortably pay their medical expenses. Hence, the best insurance companies in India have […]

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best credit cards for online shopping

11 Best Credit Cards for Online Shopping in India 2020

If you are a shopaholic, then a shopping credit card will surely help you save thousands of rupees while shopping online. The category of credit cards meant for online shopping is gaining popularity quickly due to surge in online shopping. It gains even more demand in the festive season. Moreover, all the top banks in […]

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waiting period in health insurance

Waiting Period in Health Insurance: All You Need to Know

A lot of individuals are first-time buyers of health insurance policy and don’t understand the concept of waiting periods properly. If you don’t quite know what the waiting period in a health insurance policy means, then you have landed at the right place.  You might have plenty of questions about the same such as what […]

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fixed deposits vs nps

Fixed Deposit vs National Pension Scheme: which is best to Invest?

As much as safe investment options sound appropriate in the post-pandemic era, the focus should always be on making substantial gains, whenever possible. Moreover, an investment plan must strike the perfect balance between the long and short term financial goals without compromising either. This is why, if you were to compare between a Fixed Deposit […]

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