debt funds

Debt Mutual Funds: Meaning, types, return, best debt funds India

Debt funds are the open-ended mutual fund plans that generally invest in fixed-income securities. These are generally preferred by people who do not want to invest in a highly volatile market and want some certainty with their returns. Companies or entities promise a steady and regular interest rate when they issue debt instruments. In simple […]

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salary certificate

Salary Certificate: Sample, uses, salary certificate format in word

If you are working in an organization as an employee then you may need a salary certificate for various purpose. Also as an employee, you have the right to get a certificate from your employees as proof your employability in his organization What is a Salary Certificate? Salary certificate is an official document provided by […]

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Manufacturing Business

5 Manufacturing Machines to start your Manufacturing Business

Are you looking to start your own Manufacturing Business? But confused. Don’t worry. You are at the right place. There are so many New businesses Ideas to start your own business. The different business has different requirements. There are various types of businesses like Trading, Import-Export, Retailing, Manufacturing, etc. Starting the manufacturing of a product […]

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liquid funds

Liquid Funds: Best Performing liquid mutual funds in India 2020

Liquid funds are a type of short-term mutual funds that invest in debt securities. These provide several benefits but the most noticeable one is that they offer high liquidity. This means that liquid funds can be redeemed easily. In fact, you can redeem it after one day of buying. The maximum maturity period of this […]

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nifty 50 share price

What is Nifty 50, Nifty 50 Share Price, and How it is calculated?

What is Nifty50? Nifty50 is something that every investor, stock market broker, or anyone looking into the stock market in India will know. It is a stock market index — that is, the National Stock Exchange’s official benchmark index, introduced in 1996. The word Nifty comes from compiling two words, National and Fifty, representing the […]

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