home loan in india

5 important tips you should follow when availing home loan

A home loan in India is one of the most convenient revenue sources for home buyers. When an applicant or individual applies for a home loan, they generally undergo a stringent documentation and approval procedure. As loan amount for home loans is massively huge, lenders follow a rigorous process for determining the applicant’s eligibility. Moreover, […]

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family health insurance plans in india

What is a Health Care Insurance Plan for Your Family and Why To Have One?

There are different covers these days that you can use for yourself and your family. When it comes to your family, you can easily check out options for them. Of course, you can come across health policies that are meant for your family. Thinking about what is family health insurance and how you can make […]

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Real-Time APIs Offer Better User Experience for Investors

How Do Real-Time APIs Offer Better User Experience for Investors?

Financial markets are constantly evolving, and individual investors are increasingly demanding more access to better information. One way to provide this is with real-time APIs.  Many APIs are out there helping investors reach the latest financial data with a free subscription, such as Financial Modeling Prep, and digging out many more for users through its […]

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Freight Forwarding Business

Important Things to Know About Freight Forwarding Business

The process of importing or exporting goods can be quite a challenge irrespective of the items that are being transported. Also, this challenge is further increased if you have no idea of the practices of port you are shipping from or shipping to. The different steps involved in this process such as cargo vessel booking, […]

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benefits of msme in india

Benefits of MSME Registration in India 2021

Micro, small, and medium companies, or MSMEs, are the lifeblood of any developing economy. The MSMED Act was created by the Indian government to encourage and promote MSMEs through different subsidies, programs, and incentives. Udyog Aadhar or MSME Registration is required to receive benefits under the MSMED Act from the Central or State Governments, as […]

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tenant representation services

Beginner’s Guide to Client Portal Software for Accountants

More businesses are tapping into innovative technology to improve operations and how they interact with clients. Client portal software for accountants increases efficiency and collaboration between an accounting firm and its clients. It is a gateway for clients to access crucial information prepared by accountants and share finance-related files such as invoices, bank statements, and […]

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health insurance for Your Parents

Planning for Insurance and Medical Expenses of Your Parents

Are your parents on the verge of retirement? Before they officially hang it up, make sure that they are financially prepared for the next chapter in their lives. Retirement is a wonderful stage in a person’s life. It’s that moment when you realize that you are finally done with working and are set to enjoy […]

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