how to target your customer

How To Use Discounts To Target Customer Segments?

Everyone loves a good discount! And whether you’re shopping for the hottest fashion or looking for good deals on travel, then you’ll find the following discounts hard to beat. Here are the coolest promos for fashion, electronics, home and kitchen, food, travel, health, and web hosting and domain.  Fashion From the trendiest fashion to the […]

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buying car insurance online

7 things all New Car Buyers should keep in mind while buying Insurance

Are you someone who blindly follows the car dealer and buys the insurance policy provided by them when you buy a new car? Well, I have got news for you. Buying an insurance policy online is a far better option than buying it from a dealer or agent. You might think it’s a less trustworthy […]

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investment plans

Best Investment Plan: Top 10 best investment options in india 2020

Investments form an essential part of personal finance management. 76% of Indian adults do not have proper financial knowledge as per That’s not it, you will be shocked to know that only 1.5% to 2% of the Indian population invest in stocks (as per which fall under one of the best investment plans […]

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how to start eCommerce business

eCommerce Business Optimization: How to start an online business 

In 1995, today’s eCommerce giants, Amazon and eBay, were testing the waters of selling via online platforms. By the first quarter of 2000, a mere 0.8 percent of retail sales in the U.S. were a result of eCommerce. Twenty years later, that number has increased to 11.5 percent in the first quarter of 2020, pushing […]

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Trademark: Trademark Registration Guidelines and Strategies

While Trademark law is vast and nuanced, its basic precepts are actually quite simple and straightforward. The fundamental principal of trademark law is that we, as a society, want to reward those who have managed to build a successful and ubiquitous brand while stopping others from trading off of that brand’s good will. For example, […]

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importance of seo services for business growth

How SEO Services Increase your Online Business Growth 2020

Welcome to Brisbane, Australia. This capital city of Queensland boasts of being the third most populous city in Australia. Brisbane is also a multi-cultural metropolitan, with around 37% of its population born from foreign countries. This cultural diversity of Brisbane makes it an ideal city to set up a new business since you are bound […]

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day trading benefits

Intraday Trading Meaning: 5 Benefits of Intraday Trading in India

Trading is an extensive domain and the key to successfully establish your trading venture is through constant efforts and persistence. Trading is an enterprise for well-researched investors who believe in the inherent quality of credible information and know-how to make informed decisions. In Indian markets, as elsewhere, the options of trading decisions have undergone a […]

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