nifty 50 share price

What is Nifty 50, Nifty 50 Share Price, and How it is calculated?

What is Nifty50? Nifty50 is something that every investor, stock market broker, or anyone looking into the stock market in India will know. It is a stock market index — that is, the National Stock Exchange’s official benchmark index, introduced in 1996. The word Nifty comes from compiling two words, National and Fifty, representing the […]

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tips to invest in stock market

7 Tips To Invest In Stock Market in India with Little Money

Often, investing in a stock market comes with the misconception of needing a large bank balance. Due to this misconception, many potential investors are dissuaded or discouraged to start early investment. However, this is not at all the case. One can easily start to invest in the stock market with little money by opening a […]

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How Do Health Insurance Companies Make Money in India

How do Health Insurance Companies Make Money in India?

The health insurance industry in India started back in 1986. Ever since then, the Indian healthcare market has kept growing and recently it has surged exponentially. Over the years, people have become more aware and conscious of the need for health insurances: The reason being that earlier, people were not quite literate about healthcare expenses […]

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best tax saving elss funds

Best Tax saving Mutual Funds: Best ELSS Mutual funds in 2020

Did your tax-saving plan get jeopardized due to the current pandemic? Don’t worry! You can still invest in some tax-saving Mutual Funds, i.e. the ELSS funds until the 31st of July and claim your tax deductions for the last fiscal year. People keep looking for investment instruments to grow their wealth and also save on […]

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finance health

The Ultimate Fitness Regime for Your Financial Health in 2020

You ran a mile or ate protein today for your Fitness Health. But what about your financial health? They say ‘Health is wealth’ but is health really enough to build wealth? Well, the answer is NO. Just like exercise is crucial for your body fitness and health, good personal finance decisions and understanding the basic […]

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coronavirus health insurance

Coronavirus Health Insurance: How to apply for COVID Health Insurance

With every passing day, the number of Coronavirus cases is rising like wildfire. As of now, 9.07 lakh Coronavirus cases have been reported in India. As a matter of fact, we are continuously losing lives owing to this disease. 23,727 deaths due to coronavirus, have been reported till 14th July 2020, in India.  This has […]

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