RBM Addresses Cryptocurrencies at Monetary Policy Conference

Thanks to advancements in Fintech, digital payment platforms are increasingly replacing traditional cash-based solutions. This issue was highlighted by Joseph Mwanamveka, Malawi’s Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development, at the 2019 Monetary Policy Conference. Staged by the Reserve Bank of Malawai (RBM) at Nkopola Lodge in Mangochi in November 2019, Malawi’s 2019 Monetary Policy […]

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how to open a demat account

Demat Account: Types, Benefits, uses & How to open demat account

Recently, there has been an increase in the popularity of Dematerialization and Demat accounts. Around 99% of the shares in India have already been dematerialized with the help of Demat accounts. Also, 100% of the stock market settlements take place in Demat form. More and more people are willing to join the stock market and […]

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Ways to Reduce Stress in the workplace

11 Ways to Reduce Stress in the workplace for More Productivity

Workplace stress has been a major problem for every employee at every company. It is very natural to feel stressed at a workplace due to the workload, the never-ending targets, pressure of meeting deadlines, and lack of job security. In some cases, personnel problems gang up and overwhelm the employees! Long exposure to stressors can […]

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How to start a insurance firm in india

How to Start an Insurance Brokerage Firm in India?

Ever since 2003, plenty of insurance brokers have entered the insurance industry in India and pushed it to great heights. The insurance business sector has always been highly profitable and risk free. Here are some statistics proving the same:  The gross insurance premiums collected in the FY 2019 summed at a whopping INR 962.05 billion, […]

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Effective Tips to Consider before Starting Online Trading World

Businesses cease to exist in different forms all around the world. There are various techniques and strategies for each business, according to its niche and the region in which it is practised. Trading has been an essential part of businesses since ancient times. However, traditional business strategies are now considered outdated, when compared to modern […]

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mobile phone insurance

Mobile Insurance: How to apply for Best Mobile insurance

It goes without saying that the current generation is addicted to their phones. Everybody wants to use and flash the best smartphone models. The craze of smartphones has reached a level where people might not be able to deal with the loss of their phones. High-tech models with the best of facilities and features come […]

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Best travel credit cards

11 Best Travel Credit Cards in India Nov 2020: Compare & Apply

Travelling is always a good way to escape from your mundane routine. Planning a journey includes googling the costs associated like flight tickets, hotel rent, and so on. But what if you could travel for free? That would be great, right? With the best travel credit cards, this fantasy of yours becomes reality. The travel […]

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mcdonald business

McDonald’s Review: Why is McDonald’s is a Franchise Business

Switzerland has the most significant average McDonald’s Big Mac price from the earth, using an average $6.54 2500 equivalent trade. Why don’t you speak about those regions that started that this multi-billion dollar industry of the food market? When there are several, not one of the original brands is equally recognizable and notable as McDonald’s. […]

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Smartphone to Improve Your Finances

Getting the Best Out of Your Smartphone to Improve Your Finances

Many types of research about smartphone usage that were conducted in the Philippines came up with similar results. In the instance of Pew Research Center, it found out that those who are in the 18 to 29 years old bracket have reached a 94 percent use of the internet or own a smartphone. The research […]

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