FinTech companies can’t overlook their responsibilities under the GDPR umbrella

FinTech Companies can’t Overlook their Responsibilities Under the GDPR Umbrella

The year 2018 has been all about changes for the European Union, especially when one talks about the data privacy and data storage reforms. European General Data Protection Regulation—better known by its acronym, GDPR has been rolled out, and FinTech companies with their bases in the European Union are struggling to ensure that they remain […]

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Benefits of E-invoicing

Benefits of E-invoicing for Your Business & How to Generate an E-Invoice?

If you’re doing business in 2020, you should start transitioning towards a more digitized approach. That includes your invoicing. It’s time you learn about e-invoicing and all the benefits that it provides. What is E-Invoicing? Electronic invoicing or e-invoicing is transferring, receiving, and processing digital transactional documents between consumer and supplier, and seller. Genuine invoicing […]

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The Revolution of Financial Technology used in the Banking Sector 2021

Finance is one of the oldest markets in the world. Financial services are an industry that invented credit cards in the 1950s, internet banking in the 1990s and at the turn of the millennium, contactless payment technology. Therefore, the use of technology to support financial services is by no way a recent phenomenon. From the […]

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