trading chart graphs

Every Type Of Chart Forex Traders Should Know About

Forex trading is also referred to as foreign exchange, FX, or assets trading, which is a decentralized international market where all the earth’s money is traded by forex traders. The forex market is the biggest and the most liquid market in the world, with a normal daily trading number outperforming 5 trillion dollars. Now, if […]

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best Demat Account in India

Top 11 Best Demat Accounts in India 2021 for Stock Trading

The stock market has traversed a long path ever since Stock Exchanges were first launched in India. With the revolutionary technology of the 21st century, the volumes of stock market trading have further surged. The market was ruled by traditional brokerage firms like Indiabulls, Sharekhan, and so on. But, the world has changed a lot […]

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how to open a demat account

Demat Account: Types, Benefits, uses & How to open demat account

Recently, there has been an increase in the popularity of Dematerialization and Demat accounts. Around 99% of the shares in India have already been dematerialized with the help of Demat accounts. Also, 100% of the stock market settlements take place in Demat form. More and more people are willing to join the stock market and […]

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