day trading benefits

Intraday Trading Meaning: 5 Benefits of Intraday Trading in India

Trading is an extensive domain and the key to successfully establish your trading venture is through constant efforts and persistence. Trading is an enterprise for well-researched investors who believe in the inherent quality of credible information and know-how to make informed decisions. In Indian markets, as elsewhere, the options of trading decisions have undergone a […]

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nifty 50 share price

What is Nifty 50, Nifty 50 Share Price, and How it is calculated?

What is Nifty50? Nifty50 is something that every investor, stock market broker, or anyone looking into the stock market in India will know. It is a stock market index — that is, the National Stock Exchange’s official benchmark index, introduced in 1996. The word Nifty comes from compiling two words, National and Fifty, representing the […]

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tips to invest in stock market

7 Tips To Invest In Stock Market in India with Little Money

Often, investing in a stock market comes with the misconception of needing a large bank balance. Due to this misconception, many potential investors are dissuaded or discouraged to start early investment. However, this is not at all the case. One can easily start to invest in the stock market with little money by opening a […]

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Does Equity Really Provide Best Returns in Long Term or its a Myth?

It is a normal perception in the minds of the average investor that equity is the best asset class to create wealth in the long term, but is that really true and should we focus only on the returns or risk-adjusted returns? To think about it, even gambling is a good way to get a quick buck reward, […]

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investing in dividend stocks

Why You Should Consider Investing In Dividend Stocks?

There are different types of stocks listed on stock exchanges that have different characteristics and give different types of returns. Some stocks tend to perform better than other traditional stock over a period of time. We as investors always seek out those stocks that can give consistent returns over a period of time and continue […]

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