Share Market Trends

Share Market Trends and the Shifting of people towards Investing

Share Market investment was a world which many believe was restricted solely to the rich investors and not available for the general public. Besides, this barrier existed for a number of reasons. The first was finance. People just did not have the economic means to purchase a share that was very pricey, in a large […]

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Impact of Coronavirus on Personal Finance

The Devastating Impact of Coronavirus on Personal Finance

The effects of Covid-19 have affected a lot of businesses in the past few months. With these critical effects of Covid, both consumers and merchants have learned to implement new tools for improving market stability. The emergency lockdown that was initiated last year by the government affected a lot of businesses in 2020 leaving them […]

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trading chart graphs

Every Type Of Chart Forex Traders Should Know About

Forex trading is also referred to as foreign exchange, FX, or assets trading, which is a decentralized international market where all the earth’s money is traded by forex traders. The forex market is the biggest and the most liquid market in the world, with a normal daily trading number outperforming 5 trillion dollars. Now, if […]

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