Does Equity Really Provide Best Returns in Long Term or its a Myth?

It is a normal perception in the minds of the average investor that equity is the best asset class to create wealth in the long term, but is that really true and should we focus only on the returns or risk-adjusted returns? To think about it, even gambling is a good way to get a quick buck reward, […]

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stock market tips for beginners

Stock Market Tips: Learn Why & How to Invest in Stock Market India?

What comes to your mind when you read the words “stock market”? If you’ve never stepped foot in the investing sphere, you might believe that a stock market is a place of fear and greed and eventual losses. However, if you look beyond all that and brush yourself up on the basics of how exactly […]

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investing in dividend stocks

Why You Should Consider Investing In Dividend Stocks?

There are different types of stocks listed on stock exchanges that have different characteristics and give different types of returns. Some stocks tend to perform better than other traditional stock over a period of time. We as investors always seek out those stocks that can give consistent returns over a period of time and continue […]

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