Top ways Fintech is Improving Access To Financial Services

4 Ways Fintech has Reshaped the Financial Services Industry

We live in an era where the Internet and smartphone have become core elements of our lifestyle.  The rise of technologies like Mobile, Blockchain, AR, and VR has brought a whole new level of disruption to almost every industry and the finance industry is no exception. Simply put, the digital revolution brought by the latest […]

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Hottest Fintech Trends to Watch Out in 2019

4 Hottest Fintech Trends to Watch Out in 2021

Financial Technology, otherwise known as Fintech, is gain traction not only among common banking users but even the conventional banking organization have started embracing the concept to beat the competition and attract a new customer base, especially millennials that drive the largest number of digital transactions. Online banking and branchless banking served their purpose for […]

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List of Best Healthcare Software Companies in India 2019

List of Healthcare Software Companies in India 2021

With growing demand in Healthcare service in India, it is imperative that a huge number of healthcare software companies will thrive in the country. With the wealth of a huge population, these healthcare software companies will definitely try to impact the overall healthcare. As the government healthcare service in India is in a dismal condition, […]

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