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Max Life Insurance Policy Details: Steps to Check Policy Status online

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Max Life,  as many of us know,  is one of the most popular and reputed insurance companies in India and has been bringing a multitude of insurance options in the market.  May it be retirement plans, income, and savings plans, ULIP, Life Insurance, and term insurance plans,  Max Life helps its customers with this wide range of policy categories.

Why Max Life?

Among hundreds of policies to choose from,  we often spend time wondering which one is the best option for us and can give us maximum returns and security.  Max Life Insurance offers both since its very beginning.  No wonder why,  it has such a large customer base who are happy with their services.  If you or anyone in your friend or family circle, has been associated with Max Life Insurance Policy, they can let you know that the company has served its users well.  It has a user-friendly website that can be handled by anyone without hassle. Not only this,  the website is also open to customers for paying their premiums online. Isn’t that great?

The portal of Max Life also assists the users to view their policy details,  check their status updates, track the application and download the receipt. If you are a policyholder,  it will be very convenient for you to accomplish these operations online using the user-friendly portal,  sitting at home.

How can you check your Max Life Insurance policy status online?

Since you now know that the website is user-friendly,it is easy to track down details online,  your Max Life policy status can also be tracked down online.  If you want to know how to check your status online,  then you have to follow these very simple steps.

Steps to Check Max Life Insurance Policy Status online:

Step-1: Open your browser and go to the Max Life official website. You can also click here to get directed to the same.

Step-2: Once the official page opens, look towards the top right corner to locate the”Customer Service” tab.

Step-3: When you go near the tab,  it will show a drop-down list of options namely, “View Policy Details”, ‘Track Application’, “Pay Premium”,  “Change Nominee”, and so on.  You have to select “View Policy Details”.

Step-4: Next,  you will be directed to another web page asking for your policy number or phone number and date of birth.  Make sure you enter all the credentials correctly.

Step-5: Click on “Submit” and you’ll see your policy details on your screen.

That was pretty easy. But, what about logging into your account?  Are you worried about logging in or the registration process before going to check the Max Life policy status? Do not worry.  We have listed the same for you below.

What you need to know about registering and logging in

The question in your mind must be,  what if you do not have a Max Life account? Then, you have to get one by registering on its official website. Here are the steps for registering.

Steps to Register:

Step-1: Open your browser and enter the max life official page. You can also Click here to get directed to the same.

Step-2: Then you will be asked to login or register.  Click on “Register”.

Step-3: You will be asked to fill in credentials like your Customer ID,  policy number,  and date of birth.  You need to enter them correctly, make sure you recheck from your Max Life documents.

Step-4: Once your details are confirmed,  you need to get your phone number and email id verified. This is an essential step because you will receive a link to set and reset your password on your registered mobile number.

Step-5: Set a password using the link that you will receive on your mail or phone number, and you will register yourself successfully on Max Life.

Now,  you are ready to go and login to the Max Life official page.  How to log in? Check it ahead.

Steps to Login:

Step-1: Once the registration is successfully accomplished,  open the official page of Max Life again.

Step-2: Click on login, and you’ll be asked to enter your “Customer ID” and password. After entering them,  you can login to your own account.

Once you have your account, then you can easily check your Max Life policy status with the steps discussed above.

Forgot Login Password Guide:

Here are the steps,  to retrieve yours forgot password.

Step-1: Open the website of Max Life,  and click on the “Forgot Password” link.

Step-2: Next you will be asked to fill in the details like customer ID,  registered email ID, and policy number. You need to fill these details correctly.

Step-3: You will receive a link on the registered email and you have to click on it.

Step-4: Enter your new password and you are good to go.  Now you have set a new password.

Note that the password down in some safe place so that you can look for it if you forget.

Sometimes, it may happen that you will also forget your Username. It can also be restored like your forgot-password.

Guide to Restore lost Username:

Here are the steps to guide you to restore your username.

Step-1: Open the website of Max Life.

Step-2: Click on the “forgot Username” Link.

Step-3: After that, you will be directed to a page asking you to fill in the credentials like Customer ID, policy number,  and email ID.  You have to fill them correctly.

Step-4: Click on the Submit button.

Step-5: You will be sent an email having a link to reset your username. Click on the link

Step-6: Enter the Username you want to set and you are good to go.

Other Option to check Max Life Insurance Policy Status:

Apart from checking the policy status online,  which is pretty much convenient,  there are other options where you can easily check your policy details.

Through Call: Max Life helpline number is available for its customers to call and inquire about their policy details. The service is available from Monday to Saturday, and not Sunday. You can call them on 18601205577 between the timing 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on these days.

Through email: You can contact them by sending an email at You can share your queries and they will contact you back.

Through SMS: You can also send SMS to them on the number 5616188. Write your query, or enquire about your policy details,  by simply sending an SMS.  For that,  you have to send a specified shortcode and your relevant query will be filed.

Through visiting the branch near you: You can track the nearest Max Life branch through the website. After finding the one near to you,  you can visit and directly check the details of your policy.

Are you worried because you forgot the username or password of your account that you had created sometimes back? Do not worry,  we bring the guiding solution to restore your username and password.

Final Words: Thus, Max Life insurance has a user-friendly website which can be easily used, not only to check the Max Life Insurance policy status details but also other services like login,  register,  forgot username or password,  etc.  There is a plethora of insurance services provided by Max Life that you can easily avail after going through the policy details. Also,  you can easily get the status of those policies through the above steps in this guide.  Hope you found this helpful, Good luck!