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Everything you need to know about PNB credit cards

Credit Card

Punjab national bank is not a new name in the banking and financial service industry. For years it has been serving millions of customers across India and abroad. Ever since the commencement of its operations in 1895, PNB has become a leading player in providing nationalized banking services that has proved to be fruitful in economic interest of the country. Today its extensive network is spread across 764 cities with over 80 million customers worldwide.

PNB has been offering all kinds of banking services to its customers and as a part of their credit card services, it now offering various card options along with numerous benefits. In the beginning of this venture, PNB was offering mainly two kinds of varieties namely – Classic and Gold. But as the bank is progressing, it has also launched new options including international co-branded cards. Currently the bank is offering PNB Global Platinum Card, PNB Global Gold Card and PNB Global Classic Card. Each variety has its own features and merits that have benefited customers in various ways.

Spectacular features of PNB credit cards

There are many features attached with PNB credit cards:-

  1. Balance transfer facility – With the balance transfer feature, card holders can easily transfer outstanding balance from other cards to PNB credit cards and avoid paying high rate of interest. PNB offers lower rate of interest on its credit cards as compared to other banks. Card holders can also convert the outstanding balance in easy monthly instalments with EMI facility.
  2. EMI facility – Whether it’s an outstanding amount or making big purchases, PNB offers EMI facility to its customers to provide easy payment convenience. Customers can now enjoy shopping, travelling and entertainment without worrying about money. Conveniently, use the credit card and choose to pay from 3 to 36 months with easy pay plan. The minimum amount required to be converted in EMI should not be less than ₹2,500 per transaction. Customer has 30 days from the transaction date to convert the amount into EMI.
  3. Add on card – The primary card holders can get add-on card facility at the time of applying the card or even later for their family members. The primary card holder is allowed to have upto 3 add-on cards and without any extra charge. The benefits on all the cards will be similar to primary card.
  4. Utility Bill Payment – PNB credit card holders can also make payments for their utility bills like phone, electricity etc by visiting via PNC credit cards.
  5. Global acceptance – Due to its wide network across the globe, PNB credit cards are accepted worldwide today across various merchant establishments. Customers can make hassle-free transactions across the globe without worrying about the cash.

Along with these feature, PNB credit cards comes with lot of added benefits.

Benefits of PNB credit cards

  1. Interest-free credit – PNB card holders get 20-50 days interest free credit by shopping through their credit cards. During this period, no interest charges are levied on the respective credit card accounts. However, this interest free credit lasts till the due date. The customer would have to make full payment of their outstanding amount before the due date to keep enjoying the facility. Also, this offer is only limited to credit card transactions.
  2. Minimum due payments – If the card holder is unable to make full payments of their credit card balance, they can also choose to pay minimum amounts according to the credit card statement. But the bank would charge interest on the remaining balance that is calculated on the average daily balance.
  3. Fuel surcharge waiver – All PNB credit cards comes with the fuel surcharge waiver benefit. In simple words, banks would waive or not charge the surcharge amount that is usually charged on fuel purchase by other banks. This benefit is applicable on all petrol pumps across India on fuel purchase from ₹400 – ₹3,000.
  4. Travel bookings – All PNB credit card holders can book railway or flight tickets on various portals by using their PNB credit cards. This facility is available on online purchases as well as over the counter purchases.
  5. Easy card management – PNB has recently launched an app known as PNB genie. This app acts as a one-stop destination for all kinds of credit card services like checking payment history, PIN generation, past statements, raise service requests etc. The card holder just need to download the app on their Smartphone, login with the net-banking user ID and password to manage to account.

The credit card services offered by the bank have proven to be beneficial for many credit card holders.

How to apply for PNB credit card?

Customers can easily apply for credit card in few simple steps.

  • Online – Applicants can either visit the PNB official website or other portals to apply for credit card online. Check the type of card you wish to apply and proceed further. Check features and benefits offered by each type of card. Analyse your needs and select the card that suits your need. Now click the online application form link and fill with correct personal and income details. Once all the details are filled, submit the application form. Once the application form is received by the bank, it is on bank’s discretion to whether or not issue the card.
  • Offline – Applicants can visit any nearest PNB branch to apply for a credit card. They can either download the form from the internet or use the form provided at the bank. Fill the form with all necessary details and submit the documents (identity proof, income proof, address proof, last three months bank statement and a passport size photograph) along with application form. Upon receipt of the application, bank would decide whether or not to issue the card.

Upon receiving the application form, banks generally take 10-15 working days to process the application. After approval, the card will be dispatched either by courier or speed post, which usually takes another 7-15 working days depending on the location of the customer.

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