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What is SIP: Top 5 Best SIP plans to invest in India in 2020

Investment Sip

If you are thinking to invest in a SIP plan, then you need to find out which are the best SIP plans currently available in 2020. You require all the detailed information about those plans so that you can invest intelligently and receive good benefits from it in future. Investment should always be done very carefully to avoid unwanted circumstances later. But before going into details, here we should know about the SIP first. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started.


SIP stands for Systematic Investment Plan. It is commonly known as SIP. Mutual funds provide the investors with this facility which is called SIP plans. The plans offer the investors to invest in a disciplined manner. One can invest regularly in his/her preferred mutual fund schemes. The difference between other investment plans and SIP is that while in other plans you need to deposit the entire amount in one go, in SIP a fixed amount of money is deducted from one’s savings account every month and it is transferred to the mutual fund in which the person chooses to invest.

Now let’s know about the different types of SIP.


SIP has gained immense popularity because of its financial discipline, safety and security, convenience. There are generally four kinds of SIP available in India. Here are the details about each of the types-

Perpetual SIP Plan

This SIP has no end-date. You have to keep paying the SIPs not for only a year but for 3 or 4 years. But generally, this type of SIP is not recommended as an end-date signifies financial discipline. The definition of Perpetual SIP is very brief and incomplete. Generally, all SIPs are done with at least 5-7 years of time in mind but you are talking about just 1 or 3 or 4 years. Also you how have you drawn this conclusion that this type os SIP is not recommended generally? Which site days that? Please explain ????

Trigger SIP Plan

The SIP is mainly directed for the people who are aware of the market details and have a broad knowledge of it. Under this SIP, People can choose a particular date to start paying for this plan. Incomplete explanation .????

Top-up SIP Plan

Under this plan, your SIP amount will be increased at regular intervals. It also provides you with the benefits of your chosen mutual fund scheme which is performing well. Again incomplete explanation.

Flexi SIP Plan

This SIP is truly flexible for the one who chose to invest in this. You will not be bounded to any specific SIP amounts to pay every month or daily under this plan. You will have the choice to pay different amounts according to your choice.

Now we will shift our focus to know what the SIP calculator is, where you can do your investment calculations.


1. Axis Long Term Equity Fund

It provides (It has provided. Please understand that no one can promise to provide any return in future. You always make a decision based on past returns.) 15.27℅ in 1-year returns, 19.21℅ in 3-year returns and 13.2℅ in 5-year returns.

2. CICI Prudential Bluechip Fund

It provided* 11.51℅, 15.23℅ and 10.37℅ in 1 year, 3year and 5-year return respectively.

3. DSP Tax Saver

It offers 16.56℅ in 1-year returns, 15.25℅ in 3-year returns and 12.08℅ in 5-year returns.

4. DSP Equity Opportunities Fund

Under this, you will be offered 14.37℅ in 1-year returns, 13.77℅ in 3-year returns and 11.78℅ in 5-year returns.

5. HDFC Equity Fund

It provides 9.05℅,13.71℅ and 8.71℅ in 1 year, 3 year and 5 year returns respectively.

(*same case with all the points)

After knowing which the best SIP plans are, to invest in 2020, you must be thinking about how to choose the best one among these plans. So, here is the solution for you. The following are the steps to judge which the best SIP plans are, suits your requirements.


1st step: You have to keep in your mind that the mutual fund house should be well reputed and recognized.

2nd step: You have to keep a check on the instruments held by the fund. You should choose a fund, which is liquid and provides you to invest and redeem anytime.

3rd step: The mutual fund that you will choose, should be in the market for at least five years.

4th step: The total asset under management is considered in any way.

5th step: You have to check the fund previous performance also, before investing in it.

6th step: Do research on the fund manager. It is really important to know the fund manager as well.

7th step: And the most important thing is to be disciplined. It is very easy to invest in any SIP plans but to keep the investment going is quite difficult.

Here we sum up every detail, which you need before you start investing. Hope, this article helps you in future in investing your hard-earned money in the right place.


A SIP calculator is actually a calculation tool, that does all your SIP investment calculations for you. You just need to provide some details in this tool such as the amount you can invest every month, the expected yearly return rate, the duration of the SIP. It provides you with the overall estimate of the return. By using the SIP calculator, you can do a comparison between the returns from SIP and other investment plans.

There is another kind of calculator also, which is called the reverse SIP calculator. To calculate in this, you have to provide an expected yearly return, SIP duration and the target amount. Overall SIP calculator is a very beneficial tool, which offers you to know about the estimated return that you will earn after the investment time period.

Here are the three most important advantages of using SIP calculator:

  1. It provides a person with the estimated value of his/her return.
  2. It guides a person in determining the amount of money he/she wants to invest.
  3. It provides a person with details about the amount of money he/she invested.

The formula in which SIP calculator does it’s all calculations is the following:

M = P *({[ 1+i ] n-1 } /1 ) * (1+i ).

  • M= The amount a person receives upon maturity.
  • P= The amount a person invests at regular intervals.
  • i= Periodic rate of interest.
  • n= Number of the investor’s payments.

After knowing the basic details about the Systematic Investment Plan, let’s know why one should invest in SIP.


Let me tell you this in specific points for a better understanding.

The benefits of choosing SIP plans to invest: (You don’t have to write the words firstly secondly etc. Just giving the numbers is enough)

  1. It offers financial discipline in the investor’s life to achieve long-term goals.
  2. By using it, a person can average his/her investment by buying monthly. (looks incomplete, elaborate more…use lines such as “you can average out the cost of your total investment by buying at regular intervals” etc, a person can invest a small amount of money rather than a large sum.
  3. It helps one to invest regularly, by using this, one person doesn’t need to roam around for knowing index level, market mood etc. (bad English. Please reframe the sentence. Inappropriate usage of comma and full stop.)
  4. Another benefit of SIP plan is the power of compounding. ( Please explain. Many first time readers will be left confused after reading such incomplete points)
  5. It also decreases the risks of equity fluctuations. (again please explain)

Now coming to the main point, we will specify the steps to start a SIP investment.


First step: At first, you need to define your goals, decide what your need is, to proceed further.

Second step: Then you have to choose the way between the online and offline method of SIP. (Add definitions for both)

Third step: Completing the KYC process is another important part.

Fourth step: Then comes the most crucial one. You have to decide the right SIP to invest in, which suits your requirements, which is less risky.

Fifth step: After that, you have to set up the SIP plan details.

Sixth step:And the last and final step is the submission of the SIP form or documents.

Now, if you are thinking to start a SIP investment, then you require to know what the best SIP plans of 2020 in India are.

So, here are some of the top SIP plans of 2020, you can invest in.

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